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Gorelem is a german, heavy rock, power trio. Their primary influences include the musical genres of stoner/sludge and heavy rock and roll.

Gorelem was formed in the year 2013 in Berlin Germany as a guitar/drum duo.

Ralle played guitar and vocals, while Marcus played drums. Andrea joined later, on bass guitar, to form the current classic power trio lineup.

Due to personal issues, Andrea left the band in 2015 and their long term roadie Karsten „Wheelz“ Bengsch took place on the bass.

From their home base in Berlin, they travel to the most important venues for their musical genre, throughout Europe. They have shared the stage with bands such as Gonga (Bristol UK ), Treedeon (Berlin) and the thrash metal cult band Necronomicon (De)

In May 2015, Gorelem recorded their (all analog) premiere EP at Big Snuff studios in Berlin. Big Snuff is the same studio where famous bands including Kadavar and The Oath recorded.